Distributed Energy Account Manager


  1. Responsible for the breakdown and achievement of annual sales target;
  2. Collect market information and customer needs, seek business opportunities, build channels, take the initiative to realize clues-business opportunities-contract conversion;
  3. Cooperate with product engineer to introduce company’s product and technical solutions to the customer, analyze and understand the customer’s demand, and make the corresponding technical support plan according to the customer’s demand, obtain the customer’s approval of the company’s product through professional technical consultation;
  4. Collect competitors’ products and sales market information, and prepare reports to provide decision-making basis for relevant departments in a timely manner;
  5. Assist the regional department of our company to participate in the bidding, responsible for introducing solutions / products to the relevant personnel, bidding technical documents defense, ensure that customers are fully understood and accept the company’s products or solutions;


  1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electric power, electrical, automation, mechanical, electronic, etc.
  2. Have the knowledge and technology of inverter, battery management system, UPS;
  3. Have abilities of certain market analysis and judgment, responsibilities as well as good customer service awareness. Be able to work under pressure and accept frequent business trip;
  4. Have cheerful personality, quick response, strong expressive ability, strong communication skills and communication skills;
  5. Have relevant industry product sales experience is preferred,
  6. Fluent in spoken English and reading skills.